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Lobo and Surroundings

Lobo Map

Lobo is one of the municipalities of Batangas which lies at the province’s Southeastern coast. Its boundaries are Batangas City on the west, the town of Taysan and Rosario on the north, San Juan on the east and the Verde Island Passage on the south.

Lobo has a distance of approximately 135 kilometers from Manila and 35 kilometers from Batangas City, the Provincial Capital.

Lobo is a Third Class municipality in the Province of Batangas. The national highway passes through it connecting Lobo with Batangas City. It is commutable by private vehicles within 45 minutes and by commercial vehicles within an hour.

Lobo is composed of 26 barangays, 9 of which are coastal, ten are hilly and mountainous and the rests are built-up.

The municipality has a total population of 38,908 of which 13,427 belong to urban area and 25,481 belong to rural area.

The economic activities of Lobo include agriculture, trade, manufacturing and commerce. These are the prime movers for the socio-economic mobility of the municipality.



Lobo is one of the tourist destinations in the province of Batangas. The coast lines of Fabrica, Masaguitsit, Olo-Olo, Malabrigo, Soloc and Sawang is a haven for scuba divers, surfers, tourists, foreigners and Filipinos alike who want to unwind and get away from the suffocating heat and dust of Manila.

Lobo has many ecological sites including Faro de Punta de Malabrigo which is one of the 24 lighthouses erected in the Philippines during the course of the Spanish Colonial period.

The century old lighthouse can be spotted at the top of a cliff in the town of Lobo, Batangas. It is overlooking Verde Island and Mindoro from afar. It is worth a short drive from Lobo town proper to get to see this historical landmark.

Another site is Cape Malabrigo or Malabrigo lighthouse. It is a suitable place for a photography session. Need a charming seascape photo to test your camera skills? There is a concrete stairway which leads you to the seashore so you can shoot some lovely seascape and high wave images. If by chance you happen to come across the town of Lobo, it is a good idea to drop by and see this century old lighthouse.

The Submarine Garden is located at Barangay Sawang, Lobo. The garden consists of living corals near the shore of one of the beaches. It can be clearly seen during the early mornings when the water is clear and the tide is low. It has been acknowledged to be a fish sanctuary by the municipal government in their declaration in 2000. The Submarine Garden is among the province’s aquatic attractions.

The roads leading to Lobo have been fixed and are now in good condition so one should consider visiting Lobo, Batangas as a perfect haven for beach lovers who wants a quiet break.

The “Tulay na Busog” is located in Barangay Nagtoctoc. This is known as “Biak na Bato” and has a giant foot print on the mountain behind the river. It is well known for its cold water which continues flowing all over the year. It is good for barkada’s/family outing or picnic.

Finally, the Ulopong Falls is located in Barangay Sawang. This is known for its cold spring water which continuously flows all year around. During the summer months, the place is bustling with activity when vacationers from Manila and nearby provinces and barangays visit the place to take a dip in the cool water of the falls.

All these amazing ecological destinations are a few minutes away from Almalin Beach Resort!